Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Magic Card

* WARNING*   This step by step tutorial is very photo heavy, so please give it a while to load.

These cards look very complicated, but I'm going to show you that they're actually not, they just take a little planning.  I don't use standard measurements for these, I tend to adjust them to fit what I'm using, image, paper etc, But I'll give you all the measurements I used on this card and then you can either use them or adjust them as you wish.

Firstly you'll need some basic card stock, I used a white fairly heavy weight, but a medium weight would work too as all the paper and glue makes it quite sturdy.  All my measurements are in inches as this is what my scoring board uses, but it shouldn't be too difficult to convert it to metric.

The photos are not my best and one is blurred because it was late and silly me didn't check the camera to see if I'd got a good picture before moving on lol, but you should be able to see well enough to get the idea.

You'll need to cut 3 pieces of card stock:

1 @ 6 & 1/2  x 7 & 1/2  This is the back
1 @ 6 & 1/2  x  6 & 1/2 This is the middle
1 @  4 & 1/2  x 8    This is the flap
You should end up with 3 pieces like this:

Lay the back piece with the longest length horizontally across your scoreboard (or whatever you use) and score at 1.5 on both ends.

Score the middle piece at 1 on both ends.

Score the flap on one end at  6 & 1/2  and 6 & 3/4

Fold along your scorelines.

Now use a punch or die to decorate the side edges of your back and middle pieces:

Your pieces should now look something like this:


Distress all your edges, front and back, including the folds, with your chosen colour of distress ink.  Here I've used Walnut Stain.

(Apologies for the naff picture).
Now you will need to cut pieces of your chosen design paper, the measurements for these will depend on which punch/die you used, but I'll give you the measurements I used for my card, you may need to adjust the measurements for the narrow strips, depending on how deep or narrow your edge decoration is.

I cut the following:

For the back piece:

1 @ 6 & 3/8   x  4 & 3/8
4 @ 6 & 3/8   x  1

For the middle piece:

2 @ 6 & 3/8   x  4 & 3/8
4 @ 6 & 3/8   x  1/2

For the flap:

2 @ 6 & 3/8  x  4 & 3/8
 You can then cut whatever layers and or frames you want on your card to suit whatever image and embellishments you plan on using.  Distress all your edges with the same ink you used on your cardstock.
You should end up with something like this:

 Now glue your paper to the front and inside pieces:

and the back and inside flap pieces.  Make sure you glue your paper to the inside of the flap so that it looks the right way up when you open it!


Turn your flap so that the front of your card is facing you, apply glue (or tape or whatever your use) to the top part of the flap as shown and glue this to the white part of the BACK piece (that's the largest part)


Attach the white parts of the back and middle parts to each other, this will also cover the flap from step 8

Your card is now complete and ready to be decorated. This is the inside.

and this is the front. As you can see,  here I haven't finished colouring my image yet.

Finally, here's the finished card!

I do hope this tutorial helped you, do have a try it's really not hard once you get started.  

You can see more pics of this card as well as details of what I used to make it on my main blog

Have a great day : ) x x

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