Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book Card Tutorial

WARNING - This is a step by step picture tutorial, it has many photos and may take some time to load.

Cut your base card 12.5'' x 7''
(this card is a little larger than my previous book card and you can adjust dimensions to make smaller as you wish) and score 5'' from each end.

Cut the following pieces from the same card stock:
4 pieces @ 5'' x 7''
2 pieces @ 2.5'' x 7''
You'll want to trim a tiny sliver from the long edges of 2 larger and 1 smaller piece (this is so that the inside of your 'book' will close properly.

Now cut the same from your chosen design paper.

Ink all the edges of your card stock and paper with distress ink. I'm using Vintage Photo here, but you can choose whatever suits your design paper and style.
Now glue your paper to your card stock.  You should end up with 6 pieces in all 4 larger and 2 smaller, make sure you keep track of which 3 pieces are for the inside!

Now glue your outside pieces to the outside of your base.


Before sticking your inside pieces on, attach 2 lengths of ribbon with some tape.  You can see here that I've also attached my metal book plate to the outside so that the fastenings will be hidden on the inside.

Glue on your inside pieces, covering the ends o your ribbon and make sure you can easily fold the book into a closed position.


Finish decorating the outside however you wish.

 STEP 8:
Cut 2 pieces of card 6.5'' x 11.5'' and 2 pieces 4.5 x 11.5

Lay your first piece of card lengthwise across your score board and score at 1'' intervals, then turn your card over and score at 1/2'' intervals. Do the same with the other 3 pieces.

Now fold them concertina style. You should end up with 4 pieces like this.  Brush them with your distress ink.

Run some glue along the groves of one of the longer pieces of card and fit each groove into the edge of another groove on one of your smaller pieces.

You should end up with and L shape like this.  Do the same with the remaining 2 pieces.

Now glue and fit the 2 L shapes together using the same method.

You'll end up with something that looks like this.

STEP 10:

Glue or tape the edges of this frame and glue down onto the inside of your 'book'.

STEP 11:

Finish by decorating the top of the frame to hide the nasty looking edges, here I've used some design paper with an oval cut out to make more of a frame shape.  This one is quite deep so you can give a nice baby present wrapped in some pretty tissue paper and then the book can be used for storing all those little baby mementos that you keep as a new parent. You can see here that I also added a little pocket and some pretty tags to the inside cover.

and here is the finished article.  If you would like to see more pictures of the finished book card,  and links to products used, pop across to my blog.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful.

Linda :) xx


Azucena said...

Muchas gracias, es precioso!!
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Linda said...

Thank you Azucena. If you go to my main blog you should see a list of my followers just beneath the header, you can follow there and there is a tab there also called Tutorials, which will take you to this site.
I also have a lovely giveaway on my main blog which you can enter when you become a follower.

Hope that helps. Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting me and leaving a kind comment :) xx

Cynt said...

This is absolutely beautiful.